by Tweekling

Hello comicfury. I have no idea what I'm doing or where this is going to be posted to but I thought I might as well introduce myself.

My name is Tweekling, or Tricia if you prefer. I've been making comics since I was a baby and have been seriously trying to produce webcomics for roughly 8 or so years. The Settlers is something I've been working really hard on for quite some time so I really intend on doing my best to keep updates coming though they might be sporadic. I draw and write constantly so most of my free time is devoted to improving myself and continuing this story. I hope that any of you who choose to read will at least be somewhat entertained. My comics sometimes lack the quality of the rest of my art due to how much I have to do and how long they take, so you can see some of my other art for The Settlers here or on my deviant art here.

I respond to all comments and messages the best I can and make that a priority in case anyone has any questions or... whatever. Thanks to everyone who has read it thus far and those who may read it in the future. 

The Webcomic List

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Hello everyone. Thank you for reading our comic, the current update schedule is every Monday, with an alternating schedule of every Monday and Thursday. This should be consistent, if any issues arise I'll be sure to make a notice about it.

If you want to support us, I strongly recommend voting on TWC and following me on the comic's blog if you want to view extra art and content. Check the links/buttons above to find us on other websites, more should be added eventually.